The Original Bugshirt Company

The Original Bug Shirt Company

The Original Bug Shirt®: Original Style

The Original Bug Shirt was first introduced to the public in 1991.

The Original Bugshirt

Polyester – CDN $79.00

The original style has gone through several slight modifications since then and still offers good basic protection.

The fabric is lightweight and cool but very densely woven so that mosquitoes can’t bite through it.

No-see-um mesh sleeves and sides allow cooling breezes in but keep biting insects out.
The face mesh provides excellent visibility. All our bug shirts are made with no-see-um face mesh, to protect against even the tiniest no-see-ums and sand fleas.
The zippered hood can be easily thrown back, and fits over a baseball cap or hard hat.
Wrist closures seal the sleeves against biting insect intrusion.
A drawstring at the waist with bow cord lock provides a positive seal at the bottom edge.
The entire shirt folds into its own zippered pocket, and travels easily on a belt clip

Size and colour choices

The “Original Style” Original Bug Shirt is available in 5 adult sizes – from S to XX.

We also offer two fabric choices:

  • the 100% cotton is available in a natural (off white) colour only
  • the 100% polyester breathable fabric is available in sandstone or ivy green


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