The Original Bugshirt Company

The Original Bug Shirt Company

The Original Bug Shirt®: Hi-Viz

Hi-Viz Bug Shirt – CDN $125.00


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The “Hi-Viz” Bug Shirt is especially designed to be “Highly Visible” in outdoor conditions, both in low light and normal daylight. The bright orange is flourescent and the silver stripes are retro-reflective – they reflect back any light shining on them. It is made according to specifications for High Visibility Safety Apparel (HVSA) CSA Z96-15. It is not certified by the CSA because we are a small company and it is SO expensive to go through the certification process. But the silver stripes conform to CSA standards, the degree of fluorescence conforms to CSA standards, the amount of coverage conforms, and we have subjected samples to extensive washing to prove that it stands up to that, so for all intents and purposes it conforms to the CSA standards.

The basic design is the same as the “Elite Edition” Bug Shirt, with the following changes:

We widened the front and back solid fabric panels, so we could sew vertical reflective stripes on the front and an “X” on the back.

We added height to the hood so it fits more comfortably over a hard hat,

We dropped the breast pocket as it didn’t work with the reflective stripes!

The reflective stripes were added to the sleeves and the hood, as well as encircling the shirt above the waist.


Size and colour choices

The “Hi-Viz” Bug Shirt is available in 5 sizes – from S to XX.

It is only available in Fluorescent orange with silver reflective stripes.

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